5 Tips For Emerging Artists To Book More Shows

As an emerging artist, booking more shows can be a difficult task. It can be frustrating to feel like you're putting in all the work and not seeing any results. However, there are a few key tips that can help you book more shows and build your audience. Here are five tips for emerging artists to book more shows:

  1. Build a strong online presence. Having a strong online presence is crucial for any emerging artist. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can help you connect with fans and other musicians in your area. Make sure your profiles are up to date and engaging, and use these platforms to promote your upcoming shows.
  2. Network with other artists and promoters. Networking is key to building a successful music career. Attend other shows in your area, connect with other artists and promoters, and be sure to let them know when you have a show coming up. Building these relationships can help you get more gigs in the future.
  3. Send personalized emails to venues and bookers. While it may be tempting to send out mass emails to every venue and booker in your area, it's important to take the time to personalize each email. Research the venues and bookers you're interested in working with, and tailor your message to them. This will show that you're serious about your music and that you've done your homework.
  4. Offer to play for free. While playing for free may not seem like an ideal situation, it can be a great way to get your foot in the door. Many venues are willing to give emerging artists a chance, but they may not have the budget to pay for every act. Offer to play for free and use the opportunity to showcase your talents and build your fan base.
  5. Be persistent. Booking more shows takes time and effort. Don't get discouraged if you don't get a response right away. Keep sending emails, attending shows, and building your network. Persistence is key to building a successful music career.

In conclusion, booking more shows as an emerging artist can be a challenge, but these tips can help you get started. Build a strong online presence, network with other artists and promoters, send personalized emails to venues and bookers, offer to play for free, and be persistent. With time and effort, you'll be booking more shows and building your audience in no time.

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