MSB KWEIGH: Intervierw With Small World LA

MSB KWEIGH: Intervierw With Small World LA

  • What inspired you to pursue a career in music, and when did you first realize you wanted to be a musician?
I really just always loved music . I came up under blues & rap & rnb ext.. I ain’t realize I wanted to be a musician until after my partner(MSB BOOG )took his rapping career serious then made me take mines serious. So without him y’all wouldn’t know about a MSBKWEIGH.

  • What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced as an emerging artist, and how have you overcome them?
I mean some of the biggest challenges I then faced so far in guess for me is trying to get recognized or seen by the RIGHT people. That’s why everyday I grind as far as networking and trying to link with or to other artist so I could get in that loop now I’m here.

  • Who are some of your biggest musical influences, and how have they shaped your sound and style?
My biggest music influential is people like Pimp C, Lil Baby, Future, All Them ole school boyz coming out of Texas, & new folks like Yak, Est G , ext.. Putting that keep it G with that New Era order that’s what shaped me up.

  • How do you approach the songwriting process, and where do you draw inspiration from for your lyrics and melodies?
I just let it come to me wherever I’m at. I get inspiration from people walking up the street, Day to day life, watching something on Ig ANYTHING.

  • What can listeners expect from your upcoming album or project, and how does it differ from your previous work?
My new singles and albums gone come a Lil crazy upcoming cause I’m trying to be a lil more versatile from what I was. I don’t want to be one dementenal so I’m coming a lil different

  • How has your background or life experiences influenced your music and artistic vision?
That’s where it all start from my background so without that it wouldn’t be no me

  • Can you talk about a particularly memorable or inspiring performance you've had, and what made it special?
I got my first upcoming show soon so after that I’ll be able to tell you something and how special it was lol

  • What do you hope listeners take away from your music, and what message do you want to convey through your art?
I just hope the listeners understand what I’m saying and the rest we’ll automatically come natural I promise

  • How has the music industry changed since you first started, and how have you adapted to those changes as an artist?
I’m just entering the the industry so I got alot off work and growing to do so I don’t know how it’s changed to be honest but I can adapt to anything so it really don’t matter

  • What advice would you give to other emerging artists who are just starting out in the industry?
Just stay down till you come up it’s a long road up ahead just keeping moving and something gone come up💯
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