Bornrich: Interview With Small World LA

Bornrich: Interview With Small World LA

Bornrich, also known as Br, was influenced at a young age to pursue music. His father introduced him to the studio at the age of 12, where he worked with Shortie Redd and Lil Mouse in Atlanta. Br's godfather also supported him in the studio and helped him produce and publish his first project, "Look @me," on YouTube.

Br was featured in underground DVDs such as "Down Bottom DVD," which was filmed in the Lower East Side of New York, where he was born and raised. His older brother Capo also encouraged him to stay in the studio and continue making music.

Br faced several obstacles juggling between the streets, school, and music, but he persevered and finished school, dropping his first album shortly after graduating.

His biggest music influencers are Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Lil Baby, Gucci, and Chief Keef. In 2019, Br stopped writing songs and now punches in his bars, creating a song in about 30 minutes. He tries to avoid using auto-tune.

Br's upcoming project, "Year of the Goat," will be released next month with Sony Music and Live Mixtapes. The album will not feature any collaborations, but he plans to release a deluxe version later this year with only featured songs.

Br uses his life experiences and struggles to create music that his fans can relate to. He felt his best performance was when he gave back to his high school by performing at halftime.

He hopes his listeners can use his music to motivate themselves to get through their struggles and achieve their goals. The music industry has turned him into a "monster," and he strives to remain independent, although he plans to take it far with Sony.

His advice to other artists is to keep investing in themselves and their music. He believes there is plenty of money out there that doesn't come from labels, but artists must be willing to sacrifice time and money to succeed.


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