Boot$: Interview With Small World LA

Boot$: Interview With Small World LA

  • What inspired you to pursue a career in music, and when did you first realize you wanted to be a musician?

I always had a thing for music . I used to play the trombone & piano when I was in elementary & middle school. I realize I was a musician when I rap over a conscious beat one day & decided this is how I’m get my message out, through the culture. 

  • What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced as an emerging artist, and how have you overcome them?

Biggest challenges is always knowing to be confident and in your element at all times. Overcoming fears & expecting disappointments. Overall all experiences make you who you are as an artist.

  • Who are some of your biggest musical influences, and how have they shaped your sound and style?

Rich the Kid, Sauce Walka , Alicia Keys & Beyoncé. All these artists I’ve pulled different elements from them from the choices in my style and in my Beats. I can dig deep into emotions in songs and switch it to the lifestyle I’m living.

  • How do you approach the songwriting process, and where do you draw inspiration from for your lyrics and melodies?

I’m a published poet. So I draw my songwriting ideas through poetry and the different forms of poetry I’ve learn and expressed. I usually go off the top with word play and reserve sentencing but with detail songs when preparing for an album I hand write all music.

  • What can listeners expect from your upcoming album or project, and how does it differ from your previous work?

More of the lifestyle, more collaborations, more Boot$ , More culture & roots.

  • How has your background or life experiences influenced your music and artistic vision?

My background creates the man I am today. The way I move. I move very strategic and I operate in a certain way I position my self to create a vision for my career. I want my fans to get to know me , relate to me and learn and believe that anything is possible with faith and discipline.

  • Can you talk about a particularly memorable or inspiring performance you've had, and what made it special?

My annual 4/20 smokehouse party. It’s was a show that was conduct right after the radio show. So I was air them after air we had a party. We was late but for the rest of the night it was popping. It’s packed out clubhouse. 20 strippers, good food, money & ass all over the place. A Typical GREAT BOOT$ GATSBY PARTY. P.S DURING MY PERFORMANCE I SAVED A STRIPPER FROM FALLING. Video went viral.

  • What do you hope listeners take away from your music, and what message do you want to convey through your art?

The only direction is up. No matter how much they hate, they leave you out, they talk about you, disappoint you. THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT

  • How has the music industry changed since you first started, and how have you adapted to those changes as an artist?

CDs to DVDs To YouTube to STREAMING. You got to be a student of the game at all times. Sit back learn and observe, pivot.

  • What advice would you give to other emerging artists who are just starting out in the industry?

Get your money up this game ain’t for the broke. You better be about what you do and stamp on it. Grow with your craft, improve with your craft. 

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